Free Natal Chart Reading

The follwing Post is copied from the information within the Contact Section.

If you are interested in receiving a Free Natal Chart sample reading, you can email below and I will gladly send you free excerpts from my published eBooks. All you need is the following:

  • A Zest For Astrology and/or Astronomy
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Location of Birth
  • An Open & Introspective Mind

If you meet the above requirements and send the middle 3 pieces of information, you will receive in an email in either Word format, or pasted within the Email, composed of general information about your Life Path based on the unique details of your birth.


If you have a base understanding of chart reading, or you are simply curious about specific details/problems within your life, please specify one (or several) of the below topics so that a more personalized reading can be given to you:

  1. Identity
  2. Money
  3. Social Life/Community
  4. Family
  5. Creativity
  6. Work/Health
  7. Relationships
  8. Trauma
  9. Travel/Beliefs
  10. Career
  11. Dreams & Aspriations
  12. Mental Health

If any of the above themes are topics you need help with, please listed the number(s) and I will gladly process your Natal Chart in a fashion that focussed on the prescribed topics of your choosing.

Thanking for dropping by

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