Donkey of of the Day: Peace&Humanity

I opened up my email and received a comment stating the following:

What many people may not know about the Zodiac is that it is split up quite mathematically. The signs are separated into …

Please utilize your energy in some meaningful true real subjects. Zodiac, Astrology all are illogical and outdated mythologies.

This is the personal Email I sent to “Peace&Humanity:

“So you posted stating that Astrology and the Zodiac is outdated mythology; Why don’t you go to Christians who believed that Jesus had magical powers, and to the billions of people who believe in religious deities that may have never existed, and tell them to utilize their energy better than to believe in “outdated” religions that can’t be logically proven? It is a pseudo study that activates chambers of creativity, it doesn’t have to have pure logical factuality as it’s intended to help people navigate their emotions.

Seriously, people commit honor killings in the name of Islam, and there are religious cults where kids are being raped and killed, and you think going after Astrology is the best idea? millions of people follow it, and there are far worse belief systems that are causing problems.

Get a life troll”

(I had to edit this because my original email was sent with a few spelling mistakes as I didn’t care to edit for such a pathetic commentor :p)

First off, who uses the name “Peace&Humanity” when you send ignorant messages telling other what they should and should not believe? There are countless other religions and staples of religions that are not even allowed to be criticized as it can result in imprisonment where horendous acts are encouraged and condoned, yet someone stating that they belief there is legitimacy in the universe’ effect on life on earth warrants policing by an ignoramous who creates posts that directly contradicts their on screen name? When has a mass shooting been carried out in the name of Astrology, and when has these belief system and recreational thought process ever brought about harm to regular people? is that not the test of whether or not a belief if valid, because if it is not, then your gauge for what constiutes a legitimate belief system is not pragmatic.

Personally speaking, I believe people who make comments like this one are anything but peaceful or exemplifying humanitarianism, are simply losers. If you have the time out of your day to try and tell me how to utilize my energy, I think you should probably focus your own energy, or maybe having a life compoased of focussing on your own work. Astrology books have generated millions of dollars over the years, and the study has maintained interested for thousands of years.

I thought I would share to everyone an example of how people with no lives will try to bring you down for doing nothing negative while there are real social issues plaguing the earth, and how you can handle such: by making a post about how you should be careful of what you say on the internet, because I may just use you as an example of how acting like an ignorant donkey doesn’t do anything for anyone, and it definately doesn’t make you appear cool or even remotely intelligent either.

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