The Underpinnings of News & Politics (Part I)

Many people stray from the topic of politics publicly, especially since as of lately it is a very polarizing and triggering topic of discourse. In the new age of technology rapidly growing and changing the way regular people converse about current events, old paradigms of News run the risk of becoming obsolete, or simply too slow of a process. With sources like YouTube and Twitter, finding the news coverage you want on demand and more tailored to what you’re looking for is much easier than tuning into a regular TV station and being at the mercy of whatever the journalists choose to cover that day. Even though TV journalists are still relatively credible, it doesn’t change the fact the viewer is subject to the control of the network and is greatly limited in terms of being able to navigate a search engine for specific coverage.

On a different note, many people stray away from politics due to its convoluted nature, however, most peoples’ political position can easily be traced back to how they live their lives daily, and what experiences they had growing up. For example, if you grew up and fell victim to prejudice, you may follow suit or rebel and become more accepting and open. If you grew up working very hard on the family farm and had a good relationship with your father who taught you the value of work, you may grow up to be more conservative with a simplistic lifestyle, etc. If today you work 60 hours a week on your own business or in a manual labour job, you will want to make sure that workers rights are a priority in who you support publicly, versus a single mother struggling to raise children caring more about social services and community reach. Getting to know people on a deeper level can help deduct quite easily where they are headed in terms of the public ascendance to the rest of the world and the figures they may idolize.

The world is full of contrast, and we need opposing elements to help fully understand each other, as people on the same side are reluctant, or even unable, to tell the truth about each other, which is why opposition exists. Such also gives a great opportunity for individuals to expand, understand the complexity of life, and give more nuanced advice to others in times of need, crisis, or even simple business advice within complex markets.


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