Self Descendence

While focussing on yourself can help in attracting other people and becoming beneficial to others as well, the idea of seeing yourself through other people is different. There is only so much that one can understand about one’s self without the help of others to know who you on a deeper level; the desire to have others around you, along with needing to know yourself further, can be categorized as the descendant of self.

As children, we require other adults to guide us through life to support or need to survive, as we have not learned to be independent yet; as time goes on and we individualize, we soon after become deeply interested in the idea of enmeshing with friends and love interests. One can speculate that this is for reproductive reasons, companionship, excitement, etc, but on a fundamental level, it appears that other people tend to serve a purpose of mirroring unseen information to individuals in ways they cannot grasp alone. The only way one will ever see themselves truly in real life is in a mirror, body of water, or on film; although these are great methods of studying one’s descendence to others, it still is not completely live, or real. This is why you can say that having others around you and then studying their behaviour while around you, serves as somewhat of an invisible method of verifying who you really are. An example I have of this is acknowledging similar behavioural patterns of strangers, friends, teachers, store attendants, etc, responses to me in regular day-to-day activities, versus the same expressions my close friends will receive when monitoring the effect their personality has on whoever they are interacting with.

Although mirrors, pictures, and film, can all aid in understanding one’s descendence to other people, there seems to be an unknown seam that determines the nature of such relationships that can only be verified through one’s own observation of how others react on a regular basis, or through the intimate intelligence mirrored to you from a special friend or loved one. Converging different perspectives greatens our capacity for story-telling, and allows us to fuse together personality traits to create something better, and more capable of survival and success.

The mythological figures that come to mind when touching upon ideas relative to relations, love, and justice, would be Aphrodite and Athena. Aphrodite, representing fertility and beauty, represents the pleasant side of bonding between individuals, whereas Athena represents the just disciplinarian that wishes for fairness to be distributed to all using the knowledge acquired from the study of partnerships.

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