Symbolism Behind Planets of The Galaxy

Astrology is an incredibly vast study that is much more than just the Sun coming into a constellation during an approximate 30 day time period; it has many intricately woven aspects that commonly have to do with the planets in our solar system, and more specifically the location of every planet at the time of birth. Some of these planets are not actually planets, but large masses/stars within the galaxy that give off unique energy that affects life on earth. Astrology is an ancient study, and most of the associations to this study have been created by unknown civilizations long ago.

The Sun

Although the Sun is actually a star and not a planet, it is considered to be the most important aspect of mainstream Astrology. Whichever constellation the sun rose in at birth is considered to be the Sun Sign in your chart. The Sun is strictly responsible for representing the specific way an individual expresses physical energy into immediate surroundings; it does not dictate the internal feelings, communication, love etc.(unless the Sun conjuncts the same sign as other planets). The sun signs play a strong role in the general relationship between people on a surface level. On a deeper level, other planets usually come into play when explaining relationships. The Sun dictates our life path and most obvious characteristics.

Libra is the sign of partnership, where the Sun is the planet of self-expression; those with Sun in Libra have added difficulty in expressing their self since the nature of a Libra is to express the bond of two people. Aries, on the other hand, is the sign of self, so those with Aries Sun sign tend to express independence much more freely.

The Moon

Considered to be the shadow of the Sun, the Moon represents all of the hidden and secret truths of the psyche. This is where we grow and require the most love. The sign the Moon was in at birth dictates how we think as well. If you really want to know what lies behind the personality of a person and understand the root of where the outward personality grows from, you would look at this planetary alignment.

The Moon is a very sensitive place on the chart. It is important that expression and acceptance of deep feeling are respected and fluid in life for healthy growth; certain signs allow this more than others. Taurus is a stable sign, with sensual and sensitive qualities. Those with the moon in Taurus tend to deal with feelings adequately since they are keen on expression, but still, have practical earth qualities that keep this placement steadily grounded and well minded. Scorpio and Capricorn on the other hand, tend to be less demonstrative with emotions. Scorpio longs for deep expression of feeling, though expression itself is always difficult for a Scorpio. Capricorn is very professional and does not like to be subject to emotions and unexpected events where safety may feel compromised. These two signs can be troubling placements for the Moon.


This planet is known for communication, technology, and intellectual advancement. Speech and every other form of communication will be affected by whichever sign enters Mercury at birth. Since this planet is closest to the Sun of all planets, the sign a person’s Mercury enters at birth will always either conjunct his or her Sun sign, or be one sign before or after the Sun sign. For example, if you are a Sun in Gemini, your Mercury is always either Taurus, Gemini or Cancer. Whether or not your Sun conjuncts or squares your Mercury, is an important aspect since it reveals how connected your physical energy is to your communicative energy.

The sign of Virgo works very well with Mercury since Virgo is analytical and aims for perfection. This ends up making someone very keen on perfecting communication, which is great for information lines always staying clear. The practical properties of Virgo create stability within Mercury, and a concentration on information objectively, not passive-aggressively or emotionally.

The sign of Pisces is not showcased positively on this planet. Pisces has a dreamy, distant, chameleon-way about itself, and when in Mercury, this can cause for a person to seem deviant and untrustworthy, and people will likely question the integrity of what is being said.


Venus is known as the planet of love, romance, and pleasure. It is quite popular in society since Astrology has now become synonymous for love predictions and compatibility. The way you receive love and pleasure comes from this aspect. Venus However is not always connected to sex; it is more so responsible for love and serves as a direct connection to the heart and mind. Venus is known as a being a planet that is very free minded and pleasure seeking. It can be problematic if certain signs aspect this planet that are generally composed and not keen on expressing love freely. Some signs are capable of understanding this planet more fully than others.

Pisces is deemed to be a great position for Venus to be in. Since it is the sign of dreams, idealism and fantasy, this sign creates a very romantic, passionate, and expressive person. Those with Venus in Pisces will naturally give off an alluring charm and possess an affinity for love and pleasure, as well as a love for all forms of life.

Signs that have trouble with Venus are Aries and Virgo, and Scorpio at times as well. Aries is the sign of war and self-mastery and may try to dominate unions with others, while Virgo is very analytical and cerebral about love when love is something that should be felt with the heart more than the mind. Scorpio will latch on very tightly to another when in love, becoming engrossed by attachment and overly depending on the person; these people may frighten or intimidate a partner who does not see love as deeply as they do.


The fiery planet of Mars represents aggression, passion, and sexuality. How one handles times demanding an immediate reaction, comes through whichever sign the planet Mars occupied at birth. Mars and Venus give insight on key relationship details of a person. Venus represents pleasure, while Mars is representative of how someone takes charge through physical action. The way someone reacts to violence and pain is also seen through here. It is important to understand how you express anger and generally strong energy, especially if you tend to be someone who has difficulty finding a healthy outlet for emotions, and if one has an especially difficult Moon, Mars and/or Saturn placement/aspect.

A sign that does well on the planet of Mars is Capricorn. It is deemed exalted since Capricorn has a great ability of naturally expressing energy into efficient and productive results through action. Unlike emotions, aggression and action benefit from being controlled and monitored, making Capricorn a pleasant sign for Mars to fall in. On the other hand, Cancer in a Mars position is rather difficult, since Mars requires force and direct action, and Cancer has the desire to always hideaway. Along with this, Cancer is a very emotional, moody, temperamental sign that acts out of emotion, not out of rationality. This can cause someone to become very caught up at the moment, and potentially do something that later may be regretted.


Being the largest planet in the galaxy, the planet Jupiter represents expansion, higher learning, and educational institutions. It is the planet that represents how we grow into a higher state of learning and knowledge throughout our journey. Jupiter is also the planet of luck and shows us how each sign can achieve benefits through contributing work in certain faculties of life. For example, a Jupiter in Gemini will greatly help the world in regards to gathering insightful information, and providing a bright way of communicating with others, while Jupiter in Libra will be exceptional at public relations and diplomatically expressing pleasure and harmony into the world.

A sign that does well on the planet Jupiter is Cancer; this sign creates a very warm and loving home for others around. Also, the temperamental emotions of Cancer are reflected positively in this position, due to the optimism and brightness this planet carries. This brightness turns what can sometimes seem like erratic emotions, into compassion and love in the eyes of those around someone with Jupiter in Cancer. Virgo, on the other hand, is very practical, reserved, and steady. The critical side of Virgo gets expanded in this position, and although these people can be great at shaping and perfecting the world around them, at times Jupiter can expand the presumably cynical side of Virgo that longs for perfection that seems to only exist in the process of fixing something or someone. The natural love a Virgo has for nature and life can sometimes be thwarted and overshadowed by other weary characteristics when Virgo enters the planet Jupiter.


The father planet in the Galaxy is known as Saturn. Restriction, work, and duty are all cardinal points within the meaning of Saturn, and wherever Saturn falls in the natal chart, you can guarantee there will be many challenges and rewards waiting ahead. Typically whichever sign falls into Saturn at birth shows us where the most ground can be covered in someone’s character development. If Saturn falls into the sign of Cancer, there will be difficulties in understanding home, emotional health, and protection; there will also be many fickle and temperamental expressions of emotion. This can cause someone to feel as if they need be strong and self-sufficient very early on in life. If Saturn were to fall into Leo, you can expect this person to feel as if being special and secure within his or her originality is stifled. Acknowledging joyful moments of the present may be difficult, and this person may feel more inclined to understand how people on a larger networking level operate, rather than how people can go about living freely in the moment individually with ease.

Saturn simply shows us where the most strain and potential lies; nowhere else in the chart will someone be initially weakened, but strengthened and rewarded upon hard work in the given area over time.

Saturn does well in Libra, largely due to Libra being a sign that rules relationships and the connection between two people. Everyone already struggles to some degree with relationships, so Saturn being here can make relationships difficult, but since you struggle with other people’s point of views, you tend to be pretty comfortable with your own ideas and your relationship with yourself. On the other hand, Libra’s opposite Aries, struggles, because Saturn is restricting the full expression and ability to be one’s self completely. This causes a lot of inner turmoil, and desperate to understand how to be authoritative about understanding personal identity. Relationships work well since Saturn in Aries understands how difficult understanding one person can be, so those with Saturn here naturally understands how complex it can be when two people without knowledge of their full self can experience struggle within a partnership.


The most innovative and insightful scope of technology, humanity, and evolution, comes from the planet Uranus. It is regarded as the broad-minded, more advanced version of Mercury in the sense that this planet represents how communication and trends operate on a much larger, long-term scope. Mercury represents raw brainpower in immediate surroundings, while Uranus looks beyond what is being expressed physically, and understands the motive behind the information and how it connects to other seemingly contrary behaviours and designs. Uranus stays in one sign for around 7 years and is one of several generational planets

Uranus being an incredibly innovative and insightful planet tends to incur tremendous rebellious behaviour due to such uniquely exalted insight. Whichever sign occupies this planet dictates how a person goes about expressing unique contributions to the world that will push the boundaries of how much the mind can understand and embrace individuality.

Uranus in Cancer will show us how someone may possess innovative insights on domestication and its effects on youth and home life. This person may be somewhat rebellious about the idea of family, but very understanding of how different cultures raise youth and cultivate family. Uranus in Taurus may give a generation a bull-headed approach to confronting authority with differences of opinion and general opposition. Innovation deriving from the senses connection to art is heightened if Uranus is in Taurus.


Neptune is considered to be somewhat of a higher octave of Venus, resembling aspects of the idea of universal love. This is a generational planet that is described as the planet responsible for placing infinite love within all matter of life. Neptune stays in one sign for around 14 years and describes a large number of people’s personalities on a generational level.

Whichever sign enters this planet can show us how that individual interprets unknown divine forces on Earth. If Virgo falls here, there will be a keen analytical desire to mentally uncover the unknown, which can at times overwork the mind, but reward someone with a gift of decoding that which is naturally incomprehensible for most. If Neptune is in Aries, dominant action is taken while pursuing many different kinds of potential entrances to spirituality; Neptune demands transcendence in order to understand one’s self beyond the typical awareness of an Aries. Naturally, these characteristics will affect generations of people in different ways depending on the House it falls in, degree, aspect, etc.

Neptune also rules where we as people can be caught up in illusion and uncertainty. When Neptune is poorly aspected, it can cause ideas, dreams, and desires to become muddled and confused. A sign that falls here can describe the way other forces channel through someone, but most times it describes the aspects of life that an individual is hazy and mystified by through a particular Zodiac sign.


Pluto is the farthest planet from the Sun in our galaxy. There has been controversy as to whether or not it actually is a real planet or a dwarf, mock-planet, composed of substances that do not fit scientific qualifications of a planet’s expected consistency. Scorpio used to be only ruled by Mars (which primarily rules Aries), but upon the discovery of Pluto, some astrologers view this planet to be the true ruler of Scorpio. Since it is the farthest from the Sun, and the farthest planet from us, very little is known about it since it is simply too far away to be studied as closely as scientist’s desire: hence the mystery of Scorpio fitting sensibly with this planet.

Pluto rules transformation, rebirth, and death. It takes approximately 248 years for Pluto to orbit the sun, and it stays in one sign for over 14 years, sometimes up to 30. This means that Pluto’s effect on people will rule a very large number of people within distinct time frames, and its effects will be very apparent on a macro-level, rather than an individual level, with the exception of synastry aspects with this planet and other chart aspects. Whichever sign comes into this planet will describe how someone’s generation changes form, but also how individuals regenerate from crisis and pain. When Pluto entered Sagittarius, philosophical ideas and travelling becomes more hidden and intensified. Cultural beliefs can feel taboo because the world feels a very deep connection to ethics, but there are great transformative powers in concepts pertaining to Sagittarius, such as the breaking away of outdated outlooks and religions from those who dive more deeply into what is stigmatized without a solid reason.

Pluto teaches us about how we respond to death and rebirth, and it also teaches us about our darkest fears, since humans do not react well to the idea of permanent death; this is why Pluto can offer incredible spiritual insights on the infinite flow of life throughout all matte, and forms of matter. Great power lies within the planet of Pluto.

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