Self Ascendance

Personalities are something we experience every day. The question of what impacts our personality most greatly, biology or environment, is a hot-pressed debate. While it seems to be consensual that we are composed of both, The idea that our temperament is affected by the environment at birth is an idea that is not as commonplace. When a baby is born and the birth time is recorded, one could argue that state of the surrounding environment and weather can play a crucial role in the personality of that baby as time progresses. If this environment is the first thing that this newborn is exposed to, it does make sense that such would have an imprinted effect on one’s life perspective for years to come.

Through understanding Astronomy, we can pinpoint what type of category a child can fit into (within reason) based upon the exact time of birth from an astrological perspective. In Astrology, this is known as the Rising Sun or the Ascendant. It is fact that we all possess a means of expressing our identity into the world that affects the way that other people view us in person. Whether that is the truth of who we are on the inside depends on other factors, but the former is an idea that most can conceptualize with ease. It becomes a lot easier to understand people, and address particular problems if we can isolate parts of the personality; such is the main approach for developing progress within psycho-analytical findings of prominent psychologists, who made strides in understanding Multiple Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar, and other psychological abnormalities.

Understanding the way we engage with others can help us in immeasurable ways, as we can understand how others perceive us and ultimately develop better empathy skills. All of our personal relationships are affected by ongoing, structural personality traits that over time, become quite fixed in nature. We can always work harder to develop these characteristics into their exalted form, but such only occurs upon becoming more conscious of that which is subjective, and objectively incorrect to others.

Symbolically, our asserted presence to others is represented by martian themes, and the God of war, Ares. This is the archetypal embodiment of forcefulness/self-assertion.

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