The Pairs of the Zodiac

What many people may not know about the Zodiac is that it is split up quite mathematically. The signs are separated into quarters, thirds, and pairs, all in different ways. The elements are the quarters, the modes are the thirds, and the opposite signs are the pairs, which is probably the most unknown of the three sectors. These signs are thought to be very different, even though the structure and design of each pair are quite similar. Overall, these pairs have some things in common, except the execution of each sign is contrary to one another. When these pairings come together and learn about its dual pair, great expansion follows. The following demonstrates how to exalt the natural abilities of each particular sign through the embracing it’s opposed, shadow sign.

Aries & Libra

This pairing is one where both focus on leadership, and the expression of the individual and paired unit. Aries is keen on self-projection and weigh fewer options before making decisions. The sign of Aries is often a force to be reckoned with due to the consistently hot-headed temperament and brute force. Being a Libra is all about weighing options in order to preserve the harmony of the surroundings, representing a healthy partnership and most importantly, the ideas that come to fruition when two people are in a union. Diplomacy and fairness are both cornerstones of a Libra’s virtues.

The best qualities of Aries include the ability to self-initiate and inject enthusiasm into the environment. Getting things started while motivating others to work while feeding passion to others is Aries’ best selling point. That being said, finishing tasks is not Aries’ strong suit, and sometimes the flame burns bright only to inevitably die out quickly; this makes the joyfulness of Aries dependant on new adventures, not always making this sign the most reliable friend.

Libra’s natural charm, wit, and ability to appeal to the interests of those around, are some of this sign’s best qualities. Being able to object and detach when needed in order to understand how to represent others fairly, is Libra’s forte, along with being emotionally connected to others as well. On the contrary, gossip and flakiness is a common by-product of Libra’s desire to please; being a little bit too flexible and bendable to the interests of others can make Libra appear to be shallow, meek, and someone who plays both sides of the fence.

An Aries, who can understand compassion, other perspectives, and fairness, can grow to become a great leader with a strong presence. With all of the social skills a Libra has to offer being articulately by the Aries’s refined enthusiasm, others can acknowledge a leader who knows how to express the self and also respect others through leading by example. Libra can enhance natural charm, by learning how to feel just as significant standing alone and being independent without another. Partnerships should be a beautiful union, but so is mastering the confidence of knowing that the most important thing to have is love for yourself and personal goals. These goals are more accomplishable through the aid of other people, but not subject to whether or not you always have the same partner by your side. You can’t always guarantee that everyone you meet will be in your life to the end, which is a painful thing for a Libra to understand.

When Aries and Libra learn from one another, they gain what is necessary to lead people around them to stand their ground to the world but to do so respectfully, while encouraging others to do the same. Diplomacy and self-expression is a tough act to balance, and it can fire a battle between being politically correct and self-limiting. However, these two signs blending natural talents together can create a middle ground where everyone feels they can be acknowledged, as well as capable of making social change.

Taurus & Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio are both very driven and self-sufficient signs with strict morals and intuition. Taurus is very sensual, practical, and stable, with a desire to maintain comfort through beautiful surroundings. Taurus is also somewhat of a connoisseur of physical possessions. Scorpio is intense, raw, deeply sexual, and a truth seeker. Instead of channelling senses through the physical, Scorpio uses the senses to uncover the truth behind what is typically unseen to the naked eye. Taurus is dedicated to maximizing the potential pleasure the physical world can grant, while Scorpio is drawn to psychically receiving pleasure and comfort through the blending of souls.

The positive aspect of Taurus is having a practical nature, and an ability to find gratitude for simple pleasures. For the most part, Taurus is a calm sign, with a delicate affinity for beauty and art. Understanding architecture and fine arts on a level that makes people appreciate every corner of the planet is an especially remarkable talent. The downside of Taurus is that this sign can become too deeply connected to possessions more than people. A sense of shallow living within walls of physical possessions can cause this sign to lose sight of the hidden meaning behind these physical relationships. Being overly obstinate, to the point where unbearable points of contention can ensue with the opposition, is also a negative aspect of this sign. Self-indulgence, solely of the personal pleasure for one’s self exclusively, is something to be aware of and monitored closely.

Scorpio is an enigma: difficult to predict, a sea of mystery, uneasily satisfied. Those with this influence are captivating and depict all of the deepest experiences life has to offer. The inner ability to see right to the core root of a problem amidst many inferior details that would convolute and confuse other signs gives Scorpio the discernment that will impress anyone. The negative side of Scorpio is how controlling and manipulative this sign can be in order to feel a connection to something deep and non-physical. They can pry too deep, and disbelieve people who give off the impression that waters remain still, and skies are always clear. Scorpio inadvertently needs to find chaos in the world, and completely immerse within it to come to terms with it to put transformational efforts to the test. This can be too morbid and dark for others to bear, and may even frighten some people through brutally deep intentions, which may evolve into transgression or violation if not careful.

Taurus can use Scorpio’s dark and deep attitude to help contribute meaning and an emotional backbone to the justification for all the possessions Taurus is prone to hoarding. Turning simple objects that are desired to be around simply because they are aesthetically pretty into mementoes that carry a deep story that Scorpio knows very well, will help Taurus come to a balance between both worlds. Scorpio could lighten up such deep feelings by acknowledging how to concentrate on feelings of protection and safety through the immediate surroundings, as opposed to feeling as if you must always plunge deep into another’s soul to feel less lonely. Coming to terms with personal fears while creating a physical sanctuary where Scorpio can meditate within the chaos, will aid in becoming more self-sufficient on a deeper level. When Scorpio understands that although it is within natural temptation to delve deep into the unknown, once this habitually occurs, the gates that open up should be meditated upon, understood, and analyzed, all while incorporating Taurus’ mindful and optimistic attitude into these issues. Becoming addicted to the digging process can be a downfall with Scorpio, and simply too much drama.

When this pair merges energy, the pleasures of the physical side of life join forces with the deeper sexual forces of the unknown, and a sense of comfort and respite from hardships, along with solving beautiful mysterious of nature, births from this union’s character blend.

Gemini & Sagittarius

When it comes to accumulating information, knowledge, and wisdom, Gemini and Sagittarius have a lot in common. The main differences between them are mostly small calibrations to the scope of how broadly these signs focus. Gemini can be compared to binoculars, while Sagittarius is similar to a telescope. Gemini sees all of the general details in the immediate surroundings, while Sagittarius is focussed on lands far away that Gemini sees none of. Sagittarius of all the signs is most prone to never being fully present within any moment, simply because the scope of what can be seen right in front of them does not resonate with the deep desires of advent within Sagittarius. Gemini, on the other hand, is very present but can suffer from too shortsighted.

The greatest ability of Gemini (the twins) is the ability to split up their personalities into smaller parts that can always engage with others on a plethora of different levels. Being able to keep a conversation going and respond to the insights of others with sharp clarity is what makes Gemini the best of all communicators at face value. The negative side of the twins is the inability to derive consistency within such a spliced personality. Many Gemini can truthfully lie because they easily forget everything they say since they say so much in a very short time. Sometimes the act of communication gets abused because Gemini enjoys the excitement of engaging, rather than the actual substance of what is being said. Along with this, a sense of shallowness can radiate from these individuals, since they are not typically very deep thinkers as much as they are serial talkers.

Sagittarius is often regarded to be “happy-go-lucky”, somewhat thrill-seeking, and heavily reliant on optimistic fatalism. This sign is exciting and adventurous. Everything about this sign is alive and keen on accomplishing great things in this lifetime. You can always count on this sign to try hard, compete, and suck up life for all it has to offer. The negative side of this sign is Sagittarius’ habit of always looking at things broadly, and never really committing whole-heartedly to any moment, and even sometimes not committing to one person. This doesn’t mean every Sagittarius is not monogamous or loyal, it simply means this sign’s attention may always be on something other what can be seen presently.

Gemini can greatly improve on understanding other cultures and different ways of thinking, as well as using higher education on a practical level. Being able to see the bigger picture can save Gemini time, rather than always having to absorb every little “new” piece of information they come across; many times a more archetypal approach to people and surroundings can help Gemini focus more so on what things actually mean and symbolize, rather than its effect at face value. The conversation always flows well with these folks, but that doesn’t mean that any of these conversations are memorable and significant in the lives of those Gemini interacts with. Sagittarius should really learn that not everybody fits a predisposed category or archetype; when something is learned from the inside out, a broad but fairly accurate generalization can be made. Understanding every detail of what’s in front of us is always a challenge. If we do not incorporate all of the details, this may result in hasty, unfair generalizations, a sense of loneliness, and lack of understanding being felt by whomever Sagittarius is interacting with. The bigger picture is important, but every brushstroke within the painting itself it something that should be acknowledged for how it contributes to the whole.

The combination of Gemini and Sagittarius’ positive attributes results in a force that recognizes the parts of all information, and how both aspects must be understood to be able to fully recognize the whole of what is being experienced; this brings forth a person with interesting things to discuss enthusiastically, who also respects the integrity of communication and it’s higher purpose. The successful integration of these two signs is what will shield the world from incorrect discrimination, but also allows us to use information in a way that can reinforce diplomacy, and encourage all cultures to take responsibility for what they have created.

Cancer & Capricorn

The home and mother represent Cancer; Capricorn represents the father and the public. This pairing is a natural one to understand since these two signs represent the duality of the archetypal family structure. Cancer is nurturing, loving, and expresses emotions and love quite desirable. Capricorn is strict, business-minded, with a strong hand on fickle, “weak” emotions. Where Cancer loves with the heart, a Capricorn loves through establishing status, and a work ethic that teaches others the importance of the desire to succeed. Cancer is incredibly moody and impulsive; sometimes this sign feels as if the world takes advantage of all of the love a Cancer has to offer. Capricorn also acknowledges the cruelty of the world but tends to submerge into it bravely, in hopes of forging a career and growing into a notable position of success.

The best qualities of Cancer are intuitiveness, compassion, and domestication. Creating a home, and building a place where Cancer’s family can have an emotional tie to security is where Cancer thrives brilliantly. The down-side can be moodiness, constant feelings of victimization, and fearful feelings of being trapped, with no one who appreciates Cancer’s love. It is important for this sign to be brave and rely on happiness outside of the home sometimes, and grow into becoming someone who has a tough shell, instead of someone always desperately searching for one to cower behind.

Capricorn excels in logical activity, where the mind and intuition are needed to make quick calls in regards to appearing the best professionally, as well as with general business tasks as well. Speaking clearly with a strength to others is how this sign slowly, but surely, climbs up the corporate ladder. Capricorn has great potential lucratively, and no other sign has ambition quite like this one. However, when a Capricorn tries to master the public world and isn’t quite there yet, having a strong personal life can be a struggle as well. Finding relationships where your partner feels loved and important may be difficult if a Capricorn is only concentrated on gaining power. Along with this, Capricorn is generally restricted a lot of the time, which can make others feel silently dismissed and ignored. On a personal level, this sign has tremendous expectations out of life; feelings of inferiority if a job is lost, as well as drug reliance to relax, can be common themes in the life of a Capricorn who has yet to find success.

When the nature of Capricorn is learned from Cancer, Cancer is able to break out of its shell once and a while and not feel as if they need to constantly seek protection from the chaotic world. It is difficult to accomplish, but once a Cancer can learn to be brave and face fears concerning the coldness of the outside world, this sign can be a great nurturer to the home and to others outside of the home who could benefit from the compassion of Cancer. Capricorn could learn from this kind of compassion when understanding that money, power, and glory, are not what is most important in life. Sometimes it is the simpler things that begin from the heart that truly define life’s significance. Only when a Capricorn feels accomplished and that a healthy level of success has been accomplished, or at least on the road to being accomplished, will this sign learn to relax and pay more attention to the waters that run within.

When both elements and aspects of Cancer and Capricorn come together, the vision of the American Dream comes to fruition; having the perfect career and the lovingly present caretaker, gives a family the best fulfilment life has to offer, and children the best chance at an eternally productive form of survival in later generations. The constant stress of work and home life need to balance in order for there to be healthy environments for youth to grow in, especially since this pair of signs represent parental figures, and how both parents need to borrow attributes from the other to be whole and at peace.

Leo & Aquarius

Leo is known to be one of the most grandiose of the Zodiac. For those with their sun in Leo, this is a strong placement to have, as it tends to radiate a strong energetic response to others. When it comes to this sign, life is about indulgence and living every moment as a king or queen. Everyone deserves to feel as if they are interesting and special, and no one knows this more than a Leo. Leo’s opposite (Aquarius) is on the other end of the spectrum and reinterprets pleasure into what we would consider purpose. For a Leo, pleasure begins with one’s self, and it is not something to be ashamed of for stating that you want something and deserve to have it immediately. Aquarius, on the other hand, believes that everyone deserves rights, freedom, and opportunity equally and extensively, and we should always put the interest of the world before the needless wants of the individual. Aquarius is innovative and dangerously intelligent; this sign is capable of reforming processes to equally benefit large masses of people better than any other sign. Being able to recognize a problem, but have the audacity to take on the battle without being restricted by what others think of them (Capricorn Saturn), is arguably the best characteristic of the Aquarian nature.

The best quality of Leo is the ability to enjoy life and have fun. Maintaining a positive atmosphere where everyone feels like life is worth living to the fullest is something a Leo can teach to the world. Since Leo feels strong about living a completely entertaining life, along with feeling a sense of authority in knowing how to, those with Leo influence tend to need praise from others; this can be the downfall of a Leo since selflessly teaching others can be difficult. There is usually a habit of demanding love (and borderline worship) from followers and friends when Leos becomes too fixated on physical appearances, and these people can begin demanding other people to stroke their great mane constantly in order to feel at ease.

Aquarius’ gifts and setbacks all revolve around the ego just as Leo’s do, but more so in remembering how to remain humble to those who may know less. Having such a strong awareness of consciousness, trends, human behaviour and ethics, can cause Aquarius to be consumed by irritation for the rest of the world and their inadvertent, but still ignorant, transgressions. It is important that if this begins to happen, Aquarius lends knowledge and aid to those in need as lovingly as possible. This will create a bond with humanity that will create gratitude for Aquarius, and acknowledgement of this sign’s ability to provide insight and brilliance to others in the world. Aquarius is special since this sign has the potential to be good at almost anything, as Aquarius can create connections seamlessly between all matter of life.

When Leo learns to look at the happiness of other people, and uplift those who do not have the things that Leo may have, this sign becomes more humble, and can grow into a role of a true hero rather than the self-indulgent socialite seeking status and recognition. When Aquarius learns to appreciate an individual on a deep, loyal level, and actually be grateful of how enjoyable the company of another is instead of perceiving such to be another brick in the wall, Aquarius can come back down to earth more to reveal to others all of the innovative insights in possession. This sign could save the world, but often times chooses not to from a lack of loyalty and connection to individual people since Aquarius is most loyally connected to groups and grand themes.

The combination of these two signs energies represents the upheaval of performance and networking within humanity today. The desire to be noticed and understood is highly prevalent in our modern world, and Aquarius and Leo represent the showman and the man behind the curtain, and it is essential for human development that everyone either comes out from behind the scenes to understand what it feels like to be centre stage once and a while, or for the main attraction to learn about what everyone else is doing to provide a stage for such feelings to flourish upon. It is essential for this pairing to find harmony between relinquishing cathartic desires through a healthy forms self-centered expression, and the moral duty of taming such savage lust in order to maintain a healthy flow between people, whom would eventually resort to constantly attacking each other when deprived of true order: such demonstrates the shadow of expression.

Virgo & Pisces

The final pair of the Zodiac is the mutable signs of Virgo and Pisces. Since these signs are the oldest pair, they understand many different and intricate concepts. Virgo analyzes the physical world, while Pisces ponders the realm of fantasy. No other sign has the articulation of the earth-life the way Virgo does; Virgos can truly put aside all emotions and focus on accomplishing any practical task they put their mind to. Pisces is able to channel the unknown, as well as dive into the deep feelings of others around them; this sign is the most compassionate and open-minded/hearted sign of all.

The positive points of the Virgo all stem from the ability to keenly analyze any situation with no remorse or biases. Virgo is a value-free researcher, aiming to understand everything without holding back or sugar coating. If you read the pairing of Gemini and Sagittarius, you will remember how Gemini is symbolized as binoculars, and how Sagittarius is to the telescope; Virgo is the microscope of the Zodiac, pinpointing every detail with precision. This aspect of Virgo is tremendously helpful when it comes to physical therapy, expository demonstration, and building structures efficiently. The downside of a Virgo is learning to accept that there are things that shouldn’t be analyzed as much as they should be felt. Spirituality and feeling emotion with faith and gratitude is something that is irrelevant to a Virgo. This sign does not do well in terms of understanding complex attributes of the soul and heart. In return, Virgo can seem extremely unaware of the feelings of others. Those who do not understand how a Virgo operates will see these people as cold, distant, and extremely careless of others, for an inability to understand the practical value of validating the messages behind feelings, which ultimately depict the grand design and structure of one’s life.

The difficulty of being a Pisces has to do with dealing with the mundane pressures of everyday life. Pisces is an easily moved, emotional, and a spiritual, being. This sign looks at the spiritual side of living and has been given the gift (and burden) of not being able to see boundaries and division between people. The only time Pisces recognizes these borders is when personal safety requires acknowledging a separation between others, and even when this occurs it is a difficult task for Pisces to accomplish. Dealing with daily routines of life, where logic and directions are constantly being enforced, can shackle creativity and idealism. This is because all of Pisces gifts lie within creative arts. It is deeply necessary for Pisces to place oneself in an environment where the intentions of others are pure, and the connection within the environment is gentle; if it is not, the sensitive waters of this sign can easily become contaminated causing extreme detriment to the psyche, resulting in the devastation of their environment.

Pisces and Virgo are more apparently opposed than other pairs in the Zodiac. Pisces needs to focus on channelling otherworldly influences through understanding the physical world, like how Virgo does, rather than escaping into dreams and illusions as a coping mechanism from the pain of gravity. Virgo needs to understand the idea that many people are moved more by emotions that aren’t easily seen and understood rationally. Learning to accept the validity of emotions, and the weight of significance these emotions carry within the lives of people, is Virgo’s primary challenge, along with understanding that nothing in our world is perfect but still beautiful, which Pisces knows very well. Learning from soulful beings will open up the Virgo’s imagination practically without the need to expose one’s vulnerabilities and emotional shortcomings.

When the confidently known truths of what we as humans have discovered scientifically, begin to merge with the infinite potential, which can be existing in the unknown areas of the universe, the best qualities of Virgo and Pisces come together. The convergence of reason and intuition from these Zodiac signs gives life to a spiritual take on science, which contains validity, as well as faith in the unknown, as every scientific discovery has always begun through an invisible hypothesis that spawned from the mystical realm of our imagination.

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