Secondary Sun & Moon Placements

Most people are aware of their Sun sign and some who look a bit more deeply, are aware of their Moon sign as well. An interesting thing to take into account is your Secondary Placements. Technically, all of the signs have Ruling Planets and you can uncover underline influences behind all placements by traversing a chart […]

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Uranus in Taurus: What I’m Noticing So Far — Laura Bruno’s Blog

On May 16, 2018, zany, chaotic, high in the sky, liberating Uranus moves into slow, solid, steady, earthy Taurus. Whenever a slow moving planet changes signs, we can expect some major shifts. Some astrologers are predicting the end of the Taurean Bull financial system with a switch to Uranian Bitcoin. Others are predicting earthquakes, both […] […]

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Free Natal Chart Reading

The follwing Post is copied from the information within the Contact Section. If you are interested in receiving a Free Natal Chart sample reading, you can email below and I will gladly send you free excerpts from my published eBooks. All you need is the following: A Zest For Astrology and/or Astronomy Date of Birth […]

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The Recent Spike in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

As of lately, Bitcoin Cash, which is reportedly categorized as “alternative cryptocurrency” (currently outpacing Bitcoin in growth), has been gaining a lot of traction in terms of its practical relevance in society. I became interested in cryptocurrency as of late 2017 and began investing some extra money in it as a science experiment. I began investing […]

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The Public Persona Pitfall

Publicity is becoming more and more prevalent for not just celebrity culture, but the culture that is traditionally commonplace. Despite more accessibility to things such as camera’s, editing software, and relatively and easy stardom, everyone has always had a domestic nature and a public persona. Naturally, these elements would oppose each other because your domestic nature […]

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Internal Descendence

The dichotomy of self and other within the lives of all people is something that greatly shapes both the personal identity and the identity of human connection; when it comes to the way that human beings behave emotionally within the world, relative to instinctual behaviours ingrained within the memory of that person over time, the internal descent, […]

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